Peter Wake

Peter Wake

Engineering Lead, Levelling Up: Maths for Engineering

Peter worked in various corporate roles before starting life as an entrepreneur in 2003. His first startup, trying to sell ‘movies on the move’ by renting portable DVD players and DVDs on trains and planes, didn’t work out, but it did teach him about web software, which turned out to be a hit. Peter has since started and built 4 tech companies and two of them have been successful and sold.

Following the most recent sale, with a desire to do “something useful”, a conversation with a friend led him to connect with Tony Hill, the founder of Levelling Up: STEM. The connection was instant - and the opportunity to help launch Levelling Up: Maths for Engineering was irresistable.

Peter Wake went to comprehensive school in Hazel Grove, near Stockport. When studying his A-levels, he was fortunate enough to have an incredible maths teacher who gave him additional tuition and guidance to get the grades to study engineering at university in 1989. On getting to university, he realised so many of his friends at school could have gone too.

Peter enjoys walking, skiing and sailing. His more quirky interests include crosswords, volcanoes and ants.

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