Levelling Up: Maths for Engineering Launch

A call for interest and support - Levelling Up: Maths for Engineering has launched with plans to have 1,000 A-level maths students on the programme by 2025

Following the success of Levelling Up: Maths, Levelling Up: Physics, and Levelling Up: Maths for Computer Science, we are delighted to launch Levelling Up: Maths for Engineering.

The goal in the next 12 months is to sign up engineering faculties at 10 universities, for an initial cohort of 200 students, and then to expand this to 1,000 students across 35 universities the following year.

We will support A-level maths students on our programme with tutorials that give maths concepts a practical engineering angle. For example - how vectors are used to build bridges, calculus in designing wind turbines, and probability to create safe transportation systems.

With Levelling Up: Maths for Engineering we can:

  • raise awareness of engineering as a fantastic, STEM-based career
  • raise the maths capabilities of those interested in engineering
  • help students appreciate the relevance of maths in practical engineering situations

The programme has the support of the Institute for Maths and its Applications (IMA) and we have already identified a hub partner - we’ll be able to reveal who this is soon!

We are looking for:

  • university engineering departments that would be interested in participating (perhaps your university is already participating in Levelling Up: Maths or Physics!). Typically there will be an academic leader, with delivery being co-ordinated by the EDI / outreach team at the university (supported by our Hub)
  • academics that would be interested in joining a small, multi-university team to develop the course content

Please do get in touch! Email us at

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